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Cape Forensic VSD & Investigations was established to assist business owners in all security related aspects of their trade.
Steyn Zeeman, director of Cape Forensic VSD has 25 years’ experience in the security industry, along with a qualification as a voice stress examiner. Furthermore he also has vast exposure in other related fields such as investigations, risk assessments, client service, HR management, IR and operational management.

Cape Forensic VSD & Investigations is a Cape Town based company that specialises in truth verification through voice stress detection tests and criminal record checks.
With 25 years’ experience in the security industry, we know how important integrity of the workforce has become in the South African private sector. Our aim is to provide a professional truth verification platform that ensure the integrity of your workforce is guaranteed.

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In this day and age it is extremely important to ensure that you hire the correct employees for your business. This will ensure that you maintain a high quality and standard in your hiring practices. Hiring the correct employees from the start can avoid unnecessary costs in the termination of contracts and prolonged time-span in having to start the employment process again. Detailed pre-employment checks reduce turnover and mitigate the cost associated with employment. Hiring the best candidate minimises the risks and liabilities which a ‘wrong hire’ might cause. It creates confidence with your customer and client base, upholding a high standard of integrity.

Pre-employment tests may include:

• Prior arrest & criminal record
• Work history details
• Drug & alcohol abuse

Pre-employment criminal clearance verifications can identify a criminal status prior to employment. This procedure is carried out through AFISwitch, which is directly linked to the South African criminal database and Department of Home Affairs. 

Fingerprints are taken using a biometric fingerprint scanner and submitted through the AFISwitch software system where results are received back within 24-48 hours of submission. The criminal check procedure includes the verification and validity of identification documents and numbers which are available instantly.

Periodic deception testing keeps the workforce honest by ensuring a high standard of integrity of your staff and the service output to your clients and customers.

Periodic tests may include:

• Drug & alcohol abuse
• Involvement in theft
• Criminal activity participation
• Fraud

Periodic Criminal Checks:
Periodic Criminal checks are extremely important as the personal circumstances of individual employees may change over time and their criminal record might be affected. Periodic checking will ensure you stay up to date with the status of your employees.


When an incident or matter occur where the honesty and truthfulness of an employee is questioned, detection of deception tests, along with a detailed investigation, is the only way to eliminate your business and employee’s alleged involvement . This shows commitment to the high standard of integrity and excellence your business prides itself with.

Incident tests may include:

• Theft
• Fraud
• Criminal activity participation
• Assault

Accurate, honest and detailed incident investigations are required in every business. Failure to complete proper detailed and evidence orientated investigations may lead to costly liability claims. Incident and accident investigations will allow your organisation to identify shortcomings beforehand and improve on policies and procedures that may lead to unwanted events. This forms part of health and safety legal requirements that all business owners should have in place.

Detailed risk assessments will assist your business internally and externally, in all areas of compliance and cost saving. The assessment will focus on the following key points:

• How to improve the safety of employees and clientele
• Ways to reduce short and long-term costs
• Create awareness to security related shortfalls
• Reduce the likeliness of potential risks
• Assist with the risk of unwanted incidents in the workplace


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business with a

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